5 Promotional Products Made for the Cannabis Connoisseur

  • Sep 10, 2018

“Let’s get to the point. Let’s roll another joint.” - Tom Petty


With love for our customers who are involved in the increasingly popular marijuana industry, we present to you a curated list of promotional products that are perfect for cannabis connoisseurs. 

1. Stainless Steel Grinder  


This grinder is perfect for breaking down herbs, spices, and even cheese. But we have a feeling your customers will be putting it to good use grinding up some greenery. This piece is the size of a credit card and you can brand it with your logo to be the first “joint” in town that comes to mind when your customers get to grinding.


2. Rolling Paper


The grind is complete and now the good stuff must be placed within a mechanism that then allows for flammability and inhalation. Nothing beats a classic. Check out these branded rolling papers. Perfect branding opportunity for customers who appreciate a good roll.


3. Doobie Tube 


So your customer has learned how to Willie Nelson themselves the perfect joint. What’s next? Make a few more. But then where to keep them? Zip-lock bags are for amateurs. With this surgical steel, waterproof doobie tube, the gentle creation of the perfect joint is kept safe from outside elements and easily retrievable on the go.


4. Vacuum Sealed Container


Have customers with a surplus of bud that they need to keep nice and fresh for future use? They’ll want to get a vacuum sealed container. These are specifically designed to keep marijuana fresh without lessening the herbal potency. Brand this bad boy and your name will be smack dab on some lucky guy’s new best friend. 


5. Child Resistant Pouch Bags


When it comes to marijuana promo products, it’s safe to also consider an option that will keep marijuana out of reach of the kids. The best option for this is a child-proof bag approved by the FDA. This is another branding opportunity. If someone retrieves this bag to withdraw any of the products #1-4 on this list, your brand will be the featured hero.


Interested in any other cannabis-related promotional products? Just give us a call and we’ll look at what we’ve got.